Ali Price Makeup Artist

Getting Ready For Your Makeup Trial

Collect magazine pictures of looks you love.

Have your dress or photos of your dress available. Fabric swatches of the bridesmaids' dresses, along with details of your jewellery and flowers are also a great help to your makeup artist.

Arrange to have your makeup trial at the same time of day as your wedding so you can see exactly how you will look on the day.

Let your makeup artist know about any allergies or skin conditions you or your attendants have.

If you have a favourite lipstick colour, bring it along - it may be perfect for the day and will save you buying another.

If you don't have a skincare routine, start one now. As an internationally qualified beauty therapist, Ali can get you headed in the right direction. Advancements in skincare treatments now provide you will many options. You can choose anything from a relaxing facial to nourish and hydrate your skin right through to more advanced treatments such as IPL, dermabrasion and OmniluxTM to name a few.

If you're planning a spray tan and you've never had one before, have a trial run before the day to make sure your colour is perfect.

The Week Before Your Wedding Day

Complete any facial treatments, waxing and spray tans 1-2 days prior to your wedding day.

Have your eyebrows expertly shaped (not just waxed) by Ali, who is an eyebrow specialist. Book in for her 'Ultimate Eyebrow Package' - your brows will love the expert attention lavished upon them, transforming your face and accentuating your features.

Complete manicures, pedicures and all-over-body exfoliation the day before.

Appoint a bridesmaid as your 'Makeup Attendant' for the day. She will carry your touch up kit and keep an eye on you throughout the day to make sure your looking your best. To ensure your flawless look lasts until that very last dance, ask about Ali's optional 'Makeup Touch-up Kits'.

On Your Wedding Day

Allocate an area facing natural light for the makeup artist. This is the best light for a perfect result.

On the day, simply cleanse and moisturise skin in preparation for your makeup.

Drink plenty of water and ensure you have bite size nibbles available to keep your energy up. A favourite tip of Ali's is to have straws on hand to help preserve your lipstick before you walk out the door.

It's best to eat before your makeup session to keep your lipstick is at its freshest.

If you're wearing a strapless wedding dress, wear your strapless bra while you are having your hair and makeup done. This will prevent unwelcome straps marks. Make sure you wear either a strapless top or one that buttons up, for easy removal.

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