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BEAUTY Beyond 50 years

Do You Feel You Missed The Memo?

...the one about enjoying beauty beyond 50.

Take a big, deep breath. It can be so simple with the right tools and advice.

Think of your beauty routine as just another way of dressing your face.

Some days it’s the jeans and sneakers equivalent of beauty (sunscreen and lip balm) and other days, it’s the dressing to impress version (complexion lifting foundations, blush/bronzer, brow gel, mascara, creamy lippy and whatever else you can put on in the 10 mins you have to get ready).

We all want to feel good. Some of us may feel comfortable enough being in the skin we're in, while for others this means never leaving the house without a full face of makeup. No matter where you fall in this spectrum, Ali can help you with your makeup dilemmas.


Streamline Your Kit With Products That Work For You.

Makeup Kit Detox - We all have purchases that failed to live up to the hype. Ali will help you understand what works for you, what to give away and what to discard.

Shopping List - Most women feel intimidated and/or overwhelmed when shopping for makeup. To avoid restocking your product junkyard, you need a plan. Ali will provide you with a list of must haves to ensure you get the right product first time.

Personal Makeup Lesson - Your face, skin, needs and style are unique. A one to one lesson is hands down, the best way to get you back to confident about your look.

Price - $220 (inclusive)

Feel Like You Need Additional Support?

Personal Shopping Experience Take Ali with you and that way you'll be guaranteed of finding the perfect foundation or lip colour.  Ali offers a money back guarantee on her fee*.

*conditions do apply

Professional Makeup For Your Next Event 

You'll be amazed by how incredible you feel.

So many women beyond 50 have never had their makeup professionally applied or they've had a traumatic experience in the past. Why not take the lead from our younger sisters - don't think twice about booking a professional makeup for your next event. You've had your hair done, chosen your outfit - now let Ali tie it all together for you with a beautifully curated makeup. She understands you perfectly.