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Eyebrow services

'The face is a picture of the mind as the eyes are its interpreter' - Cicero.

It's all about proportion and less about trends. Ali has developed her technique by utilising her extensive background in skin & makeup while incorporating the ancient mathematical principles of the Divine Proportion or Golden Ratio. The result is aesthetically pleasing eyebrows unique to you, and why you'll notice your face is open, youthful and balanced.

Choose From A Suite Of Brow Options

Natural Shaping

Maximising what nature gave you with tinting, tweezing and waxing.

$74 - First Appointment (45 mins)
$59 - Subsequent appointments  (30 mins)

Henna Brows 

Longer lasting colour for sparse brows, brows with light or white hair that just won't hold regular tint.
$79 - First Appointment (45 mins)
$64 - Subsequent appointments  (30 mins)